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Willis Flower, Esq.

Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad

Interview: Amanda Moscillo, Esq. Associate at the Law Firm of Richard King Jr.

     I had the pleasure of interviewing Willis I volunteered to conduct this interview because I met Willis through my employer, Richard King, Esquire and can attest personally to Willis’s character. I also have heard many young lawyers discussing what a great mentor Willis is. Willis is currently a partner at the law firm of Ford Flower Hasbrouck & Loefflad. Thank you Willis for sharing your experiences and advice with young lawyers and readers of the #LOAC!


    Willis has a long list of accomplishments including but not limited to the following: Member of the Atlantic County Bar Association since 1971; served on the Association's Board of Trustees as President, 1989-1990; recognized by the Atlantic County Bar Association for outstanding service to the Community and the Bar in 1987; one of the recipients of the Professional Lawyer of the Year Award; presented by the New Jersey Commission on Professionalism in the Law in 2007; served as Atlantic County's representative to the Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association, 2001-2007; member of the District I Ethics Committee;  has acted as coordinator for the Atlantic County Judicial Early Settlement Program; and senior barrister of the Vincent S. Haneman American Inn of Court, where he serves as Counselor for the Executive Board.


Are you originally from Atlantic County?

                    Yes, I am originally from Atlantic City.


Where did you go to high school?
                     Atlantic City High School.


Where did you go for your undergrad?

                     Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster P.A.


What did you study while you were in undergrad?

                     Political science, which I loved.


Where did you go to law school?

                     Boston University Law School, Boston, M.A.


What is a brief overview of your legal career thus far?

                     I began my legal career at a negligence defense firm. I then did plaintiffs work at Perskie and Callaghan. I then worked at the commercial firm and became a commercial litigator. I learned transaction work and opened my own office in the 1980s. I then formed a partnership with Arthur Ford. We began in Atlantic City and moved the office to Linwood in the 90s where we have been ever since.


What area of the law do you currently focus on?

                     I primarily focus on complex commercial litigation, primarily involving business disputes, eminent domain, real estate, zoning, construction law, administrative law, estates and trusts. I also handle transactional engagements, including sale, lease and encumbrance of real estate, purchase and sale of small businesses, preparation of contracts and other legal instruments and the acquisition of land use approvals.


What do you enjoy the most about the practice of law?

                     I enjoy interacting with other attorneys, specifically mentoring young attorneys.


Who are the most important mentors in your personal and professional life?

                     Anthony Gibson J.S.C. (ret.), George Selzter J.A.D. (ret). and Ted Ridgway.

Did you always know you wanted to be a lawyer?

                     No, I originally wanted to be a doctor.


What advice would you give young lawyers?

                    My business advice would be that the most important thing you can do as an attorney is develop your own client base. My professional advice would be to always be honest with people, especially your clients.


If you were not a lawyer, what would you be?

                    I would teach literature to high school students. Both my parents worked for the education system. My mom was an English teacher and my dad was a teacher and then became assistant superintendent.


What do you like to do for fun?

                    I enjoy reading and working around the house.

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