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YLD Annual Children's Holiday Party a Success!

Today, the YLD hosted its Annual Children's Holiday Party! Each year, it's hard to tell who gets more excited - us or the children!

This year, 30 children from Richmond Avenue School and New York Avenue School - both Title I schools in Atlantic City, NJ - to attend the party. The children ranged in age from 6-8 years old. Attorneys, law clerks, and some of our very own judges were also in attendance to represent the YLD and ACBA.

The children arrived promptly at 10:30am by school bus, which was fully paid for by the YLD. Upon arrival, the children watched excitedly as the Chad Juros performed his magic (literally speaking) and mesmorized students, teachers, attorneys and judges alike. Our favorite trick involved Chad calling on one of our memebrs to color in a house randomly using 5 magic markers. Upon completing this task, our members was asked to reveal their coloring to audience, at which time Chad also revealed a house made out of Legos that mirrored our members house. How'd he do that?!

The pizzas also arrived promptly at 11:45pm, just in time for lunch to be served! Thank you to our Ed and Sarah Weinstock of Weinstock & Associates in Northfield for donating coal fired pizzas from BOCCA for the childrens' lunch.

After lunch, sleigh bells could be heard as Santa landed at the court house. Upon entering the party room, Santa was immediately the center of attention. The children sat patiently and queitly as they waited for Santa to call their name. As each child's name was called, they excitedly approached Santa, seated next to a large Christmas Tree (decorated by the YLD the night beofre), to tell him their holiday wishes and to get a picture taken, which they got to take home. After pictures, each child was given a stack of gifts, which were the YLD handpicked, paid for, and wrapped the weekend before.

When all children had been given their gifts, the room imploded as they ripped off the wrapping and screamed excitedly at their gifts. This year's gifts for girls included Monster High Dolls (we don't know what these are either, but they love them!!), magic sand, stuffed animals with matching blankets, and Legos for girls! This year's gifts for the guys included super hero action figures, remote control cars, sports items (bats, balls, mits, etc.), and, of course, Legos! From the looks on their faces, we think the kids liked everything!

Everyone had to be back on the school bus by 2:00pm, so we helped the students pack their gifts for home and made sure everyone left with a candy cane.

Thanks to all of our YLD members who helped make this day special for these students, whether it involved, shopping, wrapping, decorating or working as "Santa's elves" during the party. Without all of your hard work, the Children's Holiday Party would so successful! And thank you, again, to all of the ACBA and YLD members who made a donation at the Holiday Party - without your donations, the Children's Holiday Party would simply never happen. You are all part of the magic of the holidays, and you are the reason these 30 children received holiday gifts from Santa this year. THANK YOU!!!

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