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ACBA YLD Hosts Children's Holiday Party at Atlantic County Civil Courthouse

Pictured above: Robert Ransom, YLD member, distributing prizes to students after participating in a game.

On December 16, 2016, the YLD hosted its annual Children's Holiday Party at the Atlantic County Civil Courthouse in Atlantic City. Sixty enthusiastic students ages five to eight were chosen to attend the day-long party, which included a pizza lunch, a magic show, games, and a visit from Santa Claus. This year, the students came from North Main Street School in Pleasantville and Sovereign Avenue School in Atlantic City.

Pictured above: YLD Chair Adam Busler, Esq. assisting a student in applying holiday themed temporary tattoos.

The YLD began organizing the party, previously hosted for many years by the Atlantic County Bar Association, approximately eight years ago. About a month before the party, the YLD coordinates with the students' teachers to receive an individualized Christmas list for each student. YLD members then gather and go shopping to carefully select five gifts for each student. Days before the party, YLD members wrap and label the students' gifts and transport them to the courthouse, in addition to decorating the jury assembly room in preparation for the party.

Pictured above: Superior Court Judges Joseph L. Marczyk, P.J.Ch.P., and Nancy L. Ridgway, P.J.F.P. with Santa Claus, played by John Kiphorn of the Civil Division.

To fund the party and other community outreach initiatives, the YLD holds a variety of fundraisers through the year, including an annual Holiday Party attended by members of the community. The YLD would like to thank all of its donors and members for their contributions that made this event a success. Special recognition is given to Lindsey Burwell, Esq. of D'Arcy Johnson Day for designing and providing many of the games, desserts, and decorations for this year's party.

Press coverage of the Children's Party can be found at the following link:

Press of Atlantic City -

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