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ACBA Young Lawyers Division Donates $1,000 to fund Richmond Avenue School 8th Grade Field Trip to Ne

For the past two years, the eighth grade teachers at Richmond Avenue School (a Title I School in Atlantic City) have taken their students on a field trip to New York City, which includes the 9-11 Memorial, Times Square, and Broadway. Socioeconomic differences have prevented these students from experiencing similar cultural and educational experiences. However, as noted by Richmond Avenue educators, students who previously did not think further education was an option or choice have rethought the decision to attend high school after experiencing the culture, music and arts that New York City has to offer.

Yet, funding for any “nonessential” school activity has been eliminated by the Atlantic City Board of Education. Thus, the eighth grade teachers and students at Richmond Avenue School are responsible for raising the money to fund any field trips, such as the New York City trip, or else forego them. The teachers at Richmond Avenue School reached out to the YLD for help with this year’s trip, emphasizing John Keats’ maxim, “Nothing ever becomes real ‘till it is experienced.”

The cost of merely getting two buses to take the sixty 8th grade students to New York City is $1,800. The total cost of the entire New York City Trip is $6,300.00. While the YLD was unable to fund the entirety of this trip, we were able to donate $1,000 towards the total cost. The YLD strongly believes that cultural and artistic experiences are just as important to students’ education as class room learning because, for many students, they are a gateway to students’ minds and imaginations. Thus, the YLD was happy to help support the Richmond Avenue School New York City Field Trip for its graduating 8th grade class.

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